Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Island Hopping!

Hi, long time no see. hehe
Now i'm in semester break, after a whole 3weeks of bloody papers in final exam. Killer papers on 1st three days. Mom i'd like to be murdered. Eh eh joke joke. Then after 26/11, independent day! Woohoo~

I got 4 days left to be filled with jalan-jalan and spending my scholarship fund before I get back to KL, and so forth KB. We go shopping, movies, makan-makan, jalan-jalan and all. But too ordinary. Need something more! Then me, Tia, Wid, and Ninim plan to go to the ISLAND! so exciting kan kan kan?



Wid, Yana, Tia~ Ninim photographer.

Sunset view: Jesselton Point.

We go two islands in a day. Pulau Manukan & Pulau Mamutik. Dari pagi sampai petang. Sampai2, terus snorkel ni! Waahhhh, so nice berendam in the salt water! I met Nemo and his family. Careful, they bites. hehe. They live in pink, spongy house. And the house pandai malu-malu bila di sentuh. Coz when I touch it, the house terus menyorok bawah batu. So cute kan? Next time if I go there again, I'll bring pokok semalu la, tanam tepi rumah Nemo. So that they can be friends. Uhuhu, so kind of me. :D

Then, i saw schools of fish. Rombongan makan-makan from one coral to others. They eat the corals, or maybe the algae that lives on the corals. Then I join the rombongan ikut makan-makan sama. The fishes datang betul2 depan goggles ni! so beautiful. Yea, this is my first time kan. Excited la. Huhu.There got papa seahorse also. And rainbow fish, and landak laut, and i saw something panjang2 lembik2. Gamat. Eww, ugly. But a good remedy for sure.

We even go jungle trekking at Manukan! 3++ km only la. With flipflop only. And widya jungle trekking pakai dress. Hahahahaha.. amoi cantek!
End up with makan-makan again at KK. Sangat puas hati!:D

That was really awesome ladies! Pretty like life. :P

Friday, November 5, 2010

Nothing stay.

What comes and stay? Tell me tell me! Like everything will go. Or changing little by little. Even human minds. My mind for sure, changes frequently. Saying white at a time, but black at another time. It's quite normal i'll say. I'll take guys for this case. It's typical for guys who love girls. And vice versa. From the eye to heart. Perempuan cantik lalu, then their eyes like popping out. *woo. Even some of the guys in kopiah (or songkok) will do that. Believe me. Pakcik bas, salesman, librarian, mana-mana pun sama je lah. Eh, perempuan sama jugak. I'm not one-sided kan.

Then some of them, ada yang stick to girls for their own benefit. Parasite in good word. For popularity. Gentleman la kunun kalau baik dengan perempuan. Tunggu saham naik maybe. Sudah boring with this one, jump to another pulak. Apa kah jadahnya semua ini? All these back to basics. Batu loncatan for getting what they want. But if u already got the x-factor, why need other people to make u shine? Dean said, 
You want to jump among the stood, you want to stand among the seated, or you want to just sit among the laid. Your choice.

My tenacity. Hard to come easy to go. Teruk betul. Hangat-hangat taik ayam ni. Kunun nak study hard, the spirit stays for hardly a week then now poof! gone already.

Hey btw, is that wrong of being a different person according to situation?