Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Excellent reader reads excellent text.

It's almost 3 a.m and i can't sleep. A complete day with no achievement really gives a mental burden kan. Like when u're not doing anything but feel too much burden on u. Pelik pulak. Coz when u make urself jobless, the more u think and listing what to-do and what not. Lagi penat der! And finally u'll just duduk-duduk, makan-makan and tv only. Great.

Humm, okey. Let me tell u something.

I love novels. Tapiii.... it might take like a month or two to finish up one. I know. Sooo slow kan? Tapi tak apa. Feel itu penting. hehe. And currently, I'm reading this enigma book: MILLENIUM SERIES. Dah lama dah novel ni keluar, if i'm not mistaken US/UK release since 2009. If u're a  novelover, for sure la dah lama abes baca kan? But this is it... Stieg Larsson trilogy. And tragic part was, Larsson died just a few months before first book was released in Sweden tau. And it was like kebabooommm a first-class novel worldwide.


p/s: i'm currently half page on second book. First book dari last year lagi kot. hehe 

sape tak baca rugi BESAAAR.