Friday, September 4, 2009

frustration phase....

As starter part...wut frustration?
frustration of myself... in physics..adooii... macam mau give up saja maa..da try and still trying,,but still, can't be a master in physics...ape laa... amek hayat stream pn kne blaja physics..wt skit otak j..haisy..

haa..last nite got bad news..husband kak yong passed away..he's 80.according 2 'the sun' ( page yg yn bkk 2 check out wut happen). since mama pn tau from auntie, n news on tv, mmg ptt la yn yg terperuk kt campus KK12 UM nie xtau. takziah 2 kak yong n family... x call direct lg cz xder kedit..wuhuu..

sorry x intro myself..haha..
hi new blog, im diyana. this is my 3rd blog after the previous 2 blog dat i'd cut due 2 some probs...~personal probs..
so jz move 4ward. don't look back, jz t8 a glance 4 the lessons..

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