Friday, February 4, 2011

Dear Natalia.

I am independent. Egoistic. And self-centered. Heheh. *pengakuan berani mati.

Because sometimes u just be it. Especially when u feel ignored or annoyed or provoked by something. And also when u're not appreciated after sacrificing. It's not that u do a good deed for repayment. No! But at least, don't insult something sincerely done. 
But sometimes, mesti nak rasa kita sorang je betul kan? Well, learn from mistakes.

Berpusat pada kaki sendiri = independent.

Dear Natalia (bukan nama sebenar), 

I am here to tell u that I am sorry. For anything. Because seriously, I don't know why u behave like that. Or maybe I'm not aware of my mistakes. But please, do tell me my wrongdoings so that I know, and I can try to change. Coz I don't prefer silence as a good lesson.  


  1. hehe yea mesticum, a memo for natalia only. :)

  2. we suffered the same things...huh...
    silence was never an answer...
    kan? mungkin kita ada wat salah...tpy dorang x ckp ja? sabar la yana...


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