Wednesday, February 2, 2011

When In Love.

Its typical . Very typical.
Dup dap dup dap. kenapa kenapa kenapaaaa??

Sakit.. tak tau sakit apa ni.. okey, symptoms are:

1. Stalk ehem2 every single day. no, minute.
2. Do anything to attract ehem2's attention. But when ehem2's attracted, buat-buat tak tau.
3. Find similarities with ehem2. If nothing match, make it!

Well, is it called.. heart attack?

No i don't want heart attack! Not yet at least...


  1. oh no! how'd u know ehem2 is a guy? awww... :')

  2. hihi..i don't have guts. (@.@)
    way too unreachable guy..

  3. he must be an amazing guy.rite. ^_^

  4. well, for a non-superstar person like me, yes he is amazing! :D

  5. pon same la..hehe..btol ke klu kite rase cm2 maknenye kite dah fall in love?? sy x pakar sgt dlm bab2 mcm ni..

    ~x-rumates~ =p


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